Girl diagnosed with skin disease "Vitiligo" that cannot be treated, embraces herself and becomes a model.

Girl diagnosed with skin disease "Vitiligo" that cannot be treated, embraces herself and becomes a model.

A woman with a rare skin disease get patches of white colour all over her body. Iomikoe Johnson, 37, from Louisiana first noticed spot of white skin at 25. She went through bullying and all but remain firm and is a model now!

Accepting yourself completely and being unafraid of what people think and say about you is a long long process and takes a lot of courage and confidence. Especially when you are going through something that is wholly surprising for a common man, then this thing becomes the most complicated. 




Same happened with a woman named Lomikoe Johnson who is 37 right now. But was 25 when she was diagnosed with a rare skin disease that results in patches of another colour on her whole body. She was devastated to hear the news as the disease affected her whole appearance. 

She confessed some time later that she even considered suicide as strangers would stare at her in the streets and some even refuse to shake her hand due to her disease called vitiligo.

When Iomikoe first noticed a tiny spot of white skin under her arm 12-years ago she thought she had cancer but later she was diagnosed with vitiligo. 

She was so afraid of bullying as in her childhood she was called out for being dark skinned and when she was two colours she was terrified of how she would have to go through it all, again.

She was young and just 25 and went through a crucial time dealing with depression, anxiety, all the emotional stress and insecurity. She used to cover up every inch of her with clothes and face with makeup. But she knew this was not right.




This kept happening until her fiancé told jer that he loves her no matter what and how she appeared and she should also accept and accept her body as it is. Lomikoe started practising this and now she is a model who considers her body as art and is finally comfortable in her own skin.




She has four children and two grandchildren. And she is quite an example for all such struggling people out there. She fought against her demons and finally loves her body and this is a big achievement. 






Today Iomikoe has got all to herself and is involved in multiple projects of modeling and fashion. She also wrote an empowering and positive book, "The Spotted Girl Who Empowered the World". 

Also she is starring in an upcoming movie. And has launched her own clothing line,  "My Confidence is Contagious." All these things came to her because she had the courage to face the world, the support of her loved ones and was inspired by Winnie Harlow, who also has Vitiligo.

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