Missing cat found sitting next to its own ‘missing pet’ poster.

Missing cat found sitting next to its own ‘missing pet’ poster.

Cats are little furry demons that simply love chaos. This little monster decided to leave his owner devastated by going away for a while. Later, he was found hanging around his OWN missing cat poster.

If you own a feline, you will agree these four-legged monsters are the cutest little evil creations of God. They love playing tricks on their owners to keep them on their toes all day long. Cats are jerks (cute jerks) in true sense.


Weird cat


Recently, a hilarious picture posted on Instagram is a proof. The picture shows a confused cat sitting next to its own missing cat poster.



This short-haired moggie is sitting inside its own home in Cardiff. Nobody knows the real story behind the poster though.


Black and White Moggie



Some say the cat has safely returned home, and the owners have not removed the poster yet while others believe that the poster is for this cat’s twin brother or sister.
This is not the first time something like this has happened. A similar image of a cat with the same colored coat came forward two years ago. The image was captioned as ‘Not sure they've looked that hard.’


Lost cat


Here’s t hoping the feline returned safely to its slaves (yes! slaves) and here’s to hoping none of our furry friends get lost, ever!

Image source: Twitter @RAC, Imgur, pets4homes

Article source: Diply

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