Miniature Donkey Makes A Complete ASS Of Itself After Falling Into A Septic Tank!

Miniature Donkey Makes A Complete ASS Of Itself After Falling Into A Septic Tank!

Firefighters were posed with a unique challenge when they got a call to rescue the miniature donkey, but managed to pull him out unharmed.

Have you heard the story of the donkey that gets stuck in the well? Well to explain it to you briefly, a farmer's old donkey falls into an old well and gets stuck. The farmer decides to bury the poor thing alive in the well itself since both were of no use to him. As he starts filling the well with sand, the farmer is shocked to realize that the old ass had shaken the dirt off itself and was slowly making his way up the well thanks to the pile of mud that was gathering underneath him. 

Picture for representational purposes only. Source: Photo by Rodrigo DelPer from Pexels

But one donkey managed to make an ass of itself after falling into a septic tank, resulting in a rather challenging rescue operation for firefighters in Brisbane. Rescuers were called for a rather unusual rescue in Morayfield about a miniature donkey that had managed to fall into a massive septic tank!


When firefighters arrived, they were rather surprised to see the little guy stuck in a literal 'sh*tty' situation! But much to their amazement, the little guy seemed pretty calm about his whole situation. So they moved on to their biggest problem: hauling the ass out without hurting it!


The rescue team first pumped the tank dry, before using a mechanism with support slings to pull the little donkey out. The firefighters slipped the support slings under the miniature donkey's belly before pulling him up. 


To keep the little guy calm and happy, the rescue team offered the ass a few carrots, which he happily nibbled as he was pulled out of the septic tank. 


Officer Scott Marles from the Caboolture fire station told ABC news that donkeys are apparently notorious for getting into trouble. "He was fine. We were a bit surprised actually," he told the news site. "The owners had some carrots there ... Other than being a bit cold and a bit smelly he still had a full appetite."



This just goes to show that donkeys have no issues in making absolute asses of themselves!

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