Mia Khalifa Has Disgusted Everyone By Picking up Dog's Poo With Mask and Putting It Back on.

Mia Khalifa Has Disgusted Everyone By Picking up Dog's Poo With Mask and Putting It Back on.

Mia Khalifa has gone viral due to her dirty deed in a video. A famous TikTok star, Benny Blanco, has shared a video of Mia Khalifa picking up the dog's poo with her mask before putting it back on.

Mia Khalifa has disgusted the internet by appearing to use her mask to pick up her pet's poo, before putting it back on.

The Lebanese-American took her pup out for a stroll when it decided it couldn't hold it in any longer and left a plop by the pavement.



Khalifa is a former porn star as she has left the adult entertainment industry recently, trying her hand at presenting with the Sportsball podcast in 2018.




The video shared by Benny Blanco that caught the former porn star picking up the pooch's poo with her mask has gone viral.
He subsequently shared the footage with his 480,000+ TikTok followers, captioning the video: "I just saw Mia Khalifa put poop on her face." And the video has been viewed more than 8.3 million times.




However, according to a few, the video is a hoax; the intention behind the whole thing was publicity. But others believe that they just witnessed something truly vile.

Mia - with utmost confidence - acknowledged the dirty deed on Instagram. Her smart reply goes like: "Honestly, I'd rather be shamed for this than not wearing a mask."




She seems to make a point of this stunt - wearing poo on your face is less objectionable than choosing to not wear a mask at all.

Indeed, she also shared a video on her own TikTok page - which appears to have been recorded on the same dog walk - in which her pooch could be seen wearing a face mask. Mia says in the video: "Safety first, everyone has to wear a mask."

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Article Source: Lad Bible

Pictures Courtesy: TikTok @itsbennyblanco

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