Mexican Man Packs His House With 300 Dogs To Protect Them From Hurricane Delta.

Mexican Man Packs His House With 300 Dogs To Protect Them From Hurricane Delta.

As the hurricane went by, a man in Mexico wanted to provide shelter to 300 dogs. Not wanting to leave the dogs behind, Ricardo Pimentel Cordero preferred to let them use his house as a shelter and give them a forever home.

According to a recent report by the Mexico News Daily, Ricardo Pimentel Cordero welcomed more than 300 homeless canines into his home as a tropical storm hit the coastline near his home near Cancun.

Last week, Ricardo, who is also the founder of the shelter Tierra de Animales, went on Facebook to record the plight of the poor animals, posting a video of him giving them a safe refuge as the hurricane of category one erupted around them.



Ricardo Pimentel Cordero(Facebook)





Cordero captioned his post:

"We have already started the preparation work for the hurricane here in Tierra de Animales (cutting branches, securing things that can fly, walling up windows and doors, filling drums with water, charging flashlight batteries, etc, etc). More radical is that we are going to fill the house with dogs, so there is going to be a poop party, But what can you do?"

Ricardo then made an appeal for donations, to help the animals who now have no refuge, writing:

"The hurricane has moved away, but it has left us with a lot of work and hundreds of animals to rearrange, feed and keep in better conditions. All help is welcome... If you wanted and can send us donations for animals we will greatly appreciate it!"





He also added: "If I lived alone, or only with about 10 or 20 dogs then I would not worry too much, but here there are hundreds of animals, and we cannot afford not to have enough food stored, so I strongly ask you to support us if you can."

Many Facebook users were obviously moved by his selflessness, as news of Ricardo's act circulated on social media. The Tierra de Animales shelter was quickly inundated with gifts and messages of gratitude from the general public, per Mexico News Daily.

While all of the dogs living with Ricardo made it through the night, according to El Universal, his shelter was not as fortunate, with the roof being torn off and the outside area cluttered with broken branches and falling trees.

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