Meteorite Rocks Worth Up To £20,000 Fall On Brazilian Town.

Meteorite Rocks Worth Up To £20,000 Fall On Brazilian Town.

Thousands rushed to a remote settlement in this Brazilian town as locals dubbed it 'Day money fell from the sky' The meteorite dates back to the Solar System's origins before Earth was formed; locals in Santa Filomena, northeast of Brazil, described it as a 'miracle'.

Thousands flocked to a distant Brazilian city after hundreds of fragments of a meteorite on 19 August rained down. The biggest piece was estimated to value more than £ 20,000 ($26,000).

Space rock fragments are considered to be part of a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite, dating back to the dawn of the solar system.

The rock fragments were found in Santa Filomena, in Brazil's northeast.

Just one percent of this form of meteorites and specimens can sell for tens of thousands of pounds.

Locals from the poor, rural city who find one have become instantly wealthy.

One of the meteorite parts weighed in at 40 kg and cost over £ 20,000.


This rock weighed 38.2 kilograms and will go to the National Museum of Brazil. Credit: Michael Farmer


Student Edimar da Costa Rodrigues, 20, said he saw the sky 'fill up with smoke' while he was at home.

As reported by Daily Mail, Mr. Costa Rodrigues said: "The price is getting close to 40 reals (£5.50) per gram, and it's getting higher. Only a few days ago it was half that. Ninety percent of the town's population are farmers. There aren't many shops, nothing that generates jobs. It's a humble place, with people on a low wage. Most people think it's a really good thing. Lots of people have found a rock, and it has come at a time when many really need some money to pay the bills."

Gabriel Silva, from Sao Paulo University's Chemistry Institute, told the same publication: "This meteorite is of the chondrite type.


Michael Farmer holding the 38.2kg piece of meteorite. Credit: Michael Farmer


"It is one of the first minerals that formed in the Solar System, before the Earth. The meteorite could tell us much about how the universe was formed."

Antonio Miranda, from Pernambuco state's federal university, said: "Meteorites are rare things, a diamond of science, and they are worth a lot of money.

"But for me, they should be treated the same as the discovery of a diamond or gold deposits, and belong to the person who owns the land on which they are found.


Raymond Borges found some of the rocks. Credit: Spacerocks


"The justest thing would be for the authorities to say that any rock which will fell on the town belongs to Santa Filomena and cannot be sold or taken away."

Mr Silva added: "This meteorite caused a lot of excitement among collectors and researchers. The demand is high and so the price suddenly shot up.

"There aren't many Brazilians who are able to buy the 40kg meteorite, so foreign millionaires are buying them to take abroad and sell for even more.

"Instead they should open a museum in the town and display the meteorite pieces. It would attract tourists and would enable scientific research."

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