Men Can Now Finally Experience LABOR Pains With This Brand New 'DELIVERY BAR'

Men Can Now Finally Experience LABOR Pains With This Brand New 'DELIVERY BAR'

Men who have ever wondered what giving birth feels like can now experience it for themselves at “Delivery Bar”. The kiosk straps men to machines that stimulate labor pains.

Men who have ever pondered upon the scary idea of what conceiving an offspring actually feels like would now be able to encounter it for themselves at the 'Delivery Bar' in China. At the shopping center booth, men are strapped to machines that recreate the true agony of labor pains and contractions. 

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As of late, Twitter user Carl Zha shared a couple of clips showcasing the hilarious yet horrific responses of various men being strapped to the machines. "The popularity of the 'Delivery Bar' in China: Screams of adult men echo thru the shopping mall," he captioned the clips. 



"For some reasons, men after experiencing labor pain become very emotional," he further expressed. In the recordings, the men, who have a cushioned strap around their torso holding them down properly for safety, can be heard yelling in evident agony as anodes placed on their abdomen reproduced the exact sentiment of labor.



Out of sight, various spectators can be seen gazing at the men with horror and some can be seen chuckling in amusement. And naturally, a majority of the men in the comment section hilariously expressed that giving the innovative machine a shot would undoubtedly be a 'hard pass' for them! 



One user hilariously commented, "They need to make a machine where women can experience the pain of being punched or kicked in the balls," Another user added, "Why would any man ever want to experience that horrible feeling that every poor woman has to go through? Well, not  for me definitely!" 



Now even though the 'Delivery Bar' might come out as a new and innovative machine that is somewhat unique! Be that as it may,  it's surprisingly not the very first occasion when men have attempted to see how agonizing conceiving an offspring truly is, and it's definitely not the last! 

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Along the same lines, an organization in Bristol offers a rather hyper-realistic 'Labor Pain Experience,' where men have to bear a very heavy baby bump before eventually being hooked to a transcutaneous electrical nerve incitement machine that produces stuns that are very similar to contractions. 

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Moreover, even Hollywood Star Kristen Bell, chimed in on the trend the previous fall when she put Ellen Degeneres' Executive Producer  Andy Lassner through a correspondingly undesirable procedure on her web arrangement, 'Momsplaining.' Lassner conceded a short time later that he currently has significantly more regard for ladies who have conceived an offspring.

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