Men Are Turning Their Beards Into Floral Bouquets And It Looks Like A Trend.

Men Are Turning Their Beards Into Floral Bouquets And It Looks Like A Trend.

Spring has really inspired men to decorate their beards in different ways and this time they are using the artificial clip-in options to bring something new and out of the ordinary. People really seem to like it and are spending a lot of creativity in having the best beard bouquets.

When we last heard setting flowers in your hair were a thing but making your beard a flower bouquet? This was something entirely new and cringe to imagine but it doesn't look that awful and in spring it will look better I guess.

The internet has discovered this new trend of decorating the beards with flowers and calling it a beard bouquet. Men are growing their beards and attaching these clips in flowers to follow the trend. And with most of us working from home during the ongoing pandemic, men have decided to take their beard-grooming skills to next level.




Flower beards may be new to some people, but they're not necessarily new to the internet. Last year the best-friend duo Jonathan Dahl and Brian Delaurenti took over social media with their Instagram account "The Gay Beards," which showcased the duo's creative beard decorations. 




Just like that, men are now decorating their beards with everything from colorful flowers to sprawling peacock feathers to new clip-in options rather than the old dull flowers.




However, it is unclear where this trend originated from but many were on board with this bearded look. But some people didn’t really like the idea of this and found the decorations a little too overboard.

Article source: Diply

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