Men Are Trying Monkey Tail Beard Which Is Now Trending Again And Looks Hilarious.

Men Are Trying Monkey Tail Beard Which Is Now Trending Again And Looks Hilarious.

Monkey tail beards with stripes or the same color are the new trend that most probably bored ones are trying to bring some fun and thrill in their lives with this funky yet hilarious beard style.

Weird hair trends were for the girls I suppose but since the pandemic has taken over our lives, men have started to indulge in trying out new and some weird hair trends. First, there were cases of cc with all boyfriends getting haircuts from their girlfriends. 




Then some weird beard hacks, then the bald season, and a lot more. But now it's something that seems to be reborn and its initial marks in history are seen from back in 2012. Then in 2019, when a famous professional baseball player Mike Fiers, who plays for the Oakland Athletics wore this crazy monkey tail beard, things started again. Fans went crazy over the new look and started following. 


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Some people were just interested in trying funky looks so they played with their beard and gave it a monkey tail look. However, I don't see a point in it and all this looks stupid to me. 




Maybe the lockdown boredom has led people to make things more fun. But I wonder how they go to work with this funky look. And how could you even work in an office or another professional environment with a monkey tail beard and be taken seriously? 



You can also find examples of the monkey tail beard, also known as the cattail beard, from 2012. It’s not for everyone, but if you’ve got the facial hair for it, why not try it? It’s just fun, and we need more fun right now. But still, how could you risk your appearance, or what makes you think that this will look any better?

Article Source: Diply

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