Meet Mr. B, The World's ‘Chonkiest’ Cat Who Was Looking For A Family And Recently Got Adopted.

Meet Mr. B, The World's ‘Chonkiest’ Cat Who Was Looking For A Family And Recently Got Adopted.

BeeJay or Mr. B is one hell of a big cat who was looking for a forever home. As soon as Morris Animal Refuge posted BeeJay's pictures for adoption, the internet took it by storm. Mr. B is now a celebrity and is happy at his new foster ( or maybe forever) home.

Pictures of one BIG big kitty were recently posted for adoption by Morris Animal Refuge. As soon as the pictures hit the social media, they got viral and 2-year-old Mr. B got famous overnight. Mr. B or BeeJay is the world's ‘Chonkiest’ Cat who weighs in at an incredible 26 pounds. Morris Animal Refuge didn't know the pictures would get this viral and they would receive thousands of applications for BeeJay's adoption.

1. This animal shelter posted a picture of one of their cats for adoption whom they didn't know would soon be a celebrity

Morris Animal Refuge was founded in 1874 and is "America's First Animal Shelter." They recently shared pictures of their big fluffy cat named BeeJay that took the internet by storm.  2-year-old BeeJay or Mr. B is a male Domestic Shorthair and is described as "a BIG cat with a big heart!" by the Morris Animal Refuge's website


Morris Animal Refuge


2. But Mr. B is not a big cat but a BIG big cat who has even been described as "a chonk of a chonk"

Morris Animal Refuge first tweeted about Mr. B, writing, "OMG, big boi Mr. B is a CHONK. He’s a chonk of a chonk. He redefines the term. Can you guess how much he weighs? More importantly, can you give him a home? Adopt this jumbo-sized package of fluff & love[...] to help this sad-eyed guy find happiness!"

As soon as they tweeted, the pictures went viral. Everybody loved BeeJay, the tweet received tens of thousands of likes, retweets, and comments from BeeJay's admirers.

"He's freaking adorable and has the coloring of my first kitty! Cat face Curious...what does he weigh in at?"
"This cat is amazing and I want to squeeze."


Morris Animal Refuge


3. Some people think Mr. B looks like a snow leopard 

"I mean, can we be 100% sure he's not actually a snow leopard with a dye job? I'm up in Roxborough and I’m kind of surprised I can't hear him stomping around.


Morris Animal Refuge


4. Many people wondered what would be the weight of this adorable cat? Mr. B weighs in at an incredible 26 pounds


Morris Animal Refuge


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5. The rescue house received an overwhelming response

They received such an incredible response that they had to post a wonderful update tweet, writing, "Sweet chunky Mr. B’s amazed by the huge outpawing of interest in him - over 3000 applications! He has a foster (maybe forever) home now - but so many other great adoptable cats need you."


Morris Animal Refuge


6. Just look at this adorable face! Mr. B is now happy in his foster home (maybe forever)

BeeJay wants people to adopt his fellow friends as he settles down in his new home.


Morris Animal Refuge


7. The big kitty is all set to explore his new home

The Morris Animal Refuge posted the above photo to their Facebook page, writing, "Here’s Mr. B. in his awesome foster home, busy exploring and settling in. He really is one big kitty!"


Morris Animal Refuge



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