McDonald's McFlurry Cup Can Stack And Try Eating It By Stacking It Over Your Drink Cup.

McDonald's McFlurry Cup Can Stack And Try Eating It By Stacking It Over Your Drink Cup.

A viral TikTok video by a social media personality of McFlurry went viral and people are going crazy over this unexplored way of eating it by stacking the drink cup and ice cream cup together.

TikTok lately seems the right place for discovering the best and funny hacks. And now, we came across a viral TikTok video by social media personality David Dobrik. He placed the McFlurries in a way that they can stack!


TikTok | @daviddobrik


In the TikTok video, which has now garnered up to 1.8 million likes and we are still counting. Dobrik recently made a video in which he tests out something he had seen someone else do on TikTok. 




He expertly nudged the McFlurry cup on another McDonald's drink cup and saw if it stuck. To everyone's delight, it bonded in and even kept its position still as he turned the drink and McFlurry completely sideways. This was something that no one else on social media seemed to know and the McDonald's fans were thrilled to find such an easy option.


TikTok | @daviddobrik


Dobrik said what we all are thinking, "Dude, why doesn't McDonald's advertise this? This makes no sense."

So now we know you can stack a McFlurry cup on top of a drink cup. This means when you are short of cup holders in a car you can easily manage it by stacking in your drink cup. In a car with limited cup holders, it might be useful as a space saver. 




Moreover, it might act as a way to raise a McFlurry to mouth level without having to hold it in one hand while driving or something like this. Another notable use can't be seen here of stacking these McFlurries.

Nevertheless, the internet is now going nuts over this  "hack," even pointing out the public figure's advertising stunt maybe?




Tiktok has taught me a lot about life

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TikTok | @daviddobrik



Due to the extreme hype and following of people in the video, McDonald's TikTok account responded, with a clever reply,  "and y'all thought my only secret was the sauce." 

Article source: Diply

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