Matching Bandana And Facemask With Your Dog Is A Thing Now And You Can Get It From Etsy.

Matching Bandana And Facemask With Your Dog Is A Thing Now And You Can Get It From Etsy.

Twinning with your dogs in matching facemasks and bandana is the new fashion statement now. In times of pandemic, we sure are adjusting to different and creative fashion sense and one can say that it is not so bad after all.




Credit: Etsy/StitchyStitchDesigns


The past few months have been the times of change and tumult for everyone. Lots of strange things of the past are now the new normal and everyone is still pretty much in the adjusting phase. Our routines, habits, and even hobbies have been altered due to the pandemic and the lockdown and social distancing measures. 

One thing that is the must and a new normal now is the compulsory wearing of masks in public places. Now that it has become necessary, people are coming up with stylish ways to sport face masks when going out. 



Credit: Etsy/StitchyStitchDesigns


Now, one Etsy business is offering matching face masks and bandanas for you and your dog. Of course, it should be noted that the dog should not be wearing an actual face mask, which is why they are presented with the bandana option.

Ranging in various styles, the mask, and the bandana can be of different themes, from a mini mouse-style print, to a pride-themed rainbow print. There's even an option to have your new gear personalized with yours or your dog's initials.

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Credit: Etsy/StitchyStitchDesigns


The mask and bandanna bundles start at £12.26, or you can buy them individually from £5.72.

And reviews of the products thus far have been effusive. One happy customer wrote, "Love the bandanas! Shipped and delivered faster than expected! Great quality and looks adorable on my pups. Going to order more!"



Credit: Etsy/StitchyStitchDesigns


"Twinning with our dogs with a monogram face mask and matching pet owner face mask will definitely be a fashion statement. Dog bandanas can be personalized with your dogs initial as well as your own on your face mask for a customized fit," reads a portion of the product description.

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You can learn more about the face masks and bandannas by visiting the StitchyStitchDesigns Etsy page, here.


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