Man Develops Type II Diabetes And Arm Nearly Rots Off Because Of His Addiction To Fizzy Drinks

Man Develops Type II Diabetes And Arm Nearly Rots Off Because Of His Addiction To Fizzy Drinks

This man from Kuala Lumpur developed type II diabetes because of his addiction to fizzy drinks. Mohd developed a serious infection and had undergone surgery to remove the infected area all because of his addiction to fizzy drinks.

1. A scary consequence of consuming too much fizzy drink


Credit: AsiaWire


It is usually assumed that consuming fizzy drinks causes only superficial health issues like tooth decay and weight issues. But little do people know that one serious side effect of consuming excess fizzy drinks can result in losing a part of your body as proven by Mohd Razin Mohamed.

2. Due to high sugar-intake, Mohd has passed out at work more than once



As a result of his addiction to fizzy drinks, Mohd Razin Mohamed, a telecommunication engineer, 56 from Kuala Lumpur developed type II diabetes. The man would consume as much as two drinks a day or more, usually during the day time. Due to high sugar intake, Mohd once also passed out. He said, “I would drink so much of the sugary drinks that on three occasions I fainted at work.”

3. Developing serious infection as a result of addiction


Credit: AsiaWire


Soon after developing type II diabetes, Mohd discovered a boil on his back and with time this boil expanded to the size of his hand. However, by the time he checked into his local hospital in Sungai Buloh, in the city of Selangor in Malaysia, medics could see the bone underneath.

“It’s no longer about having regrets, at the end of the day I brought this on myself by having too much sugar”, he said.

4. Not losing the arm after getting skin graft



Doctors immediately rushed off Mohd to emergency surgery where they drained the pus from his boil and cut the skin that got infected. They put him on heavy antibiotics because of the infection. Doctors later informed that the former telecommunication engineer would not lose his arm after getting skin grafts but since he cannot move his limb properly now, so he cannot continue work in the future. 



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