Man Who Started GoFundMe With Fiancee To Renovate 'Outdated' House Is Convicted Fraudster.

Man Who Started GoFundMe With Fiancee To Renovate 'Outdated' House Is Convicted Fraudster.

Adam Stark says that he admits to his past mistakes and says that he understands that his GoFundMe account set up for renovation funds was a bit cheeky move but the man claims that people responded a bit too harshly to his otherwise harmless donation request.

The man who made a GoFundMe account to renovate his home and then removed the account has reported being a convicted fraudster. 

Adam Stark launched the online fundraiser alongside partner Ali Jennings to get their house renovated after they moved into their 'outdated' house. The couple said that the house was previously owned by an elderly couple and needed a desperate modernization. 

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The key-worker couple set a target of $3,400 and were able to raise donations of $13 but after facing serious backlash they removed the page.

Now according to Staffordshire Live, reports reveal that Stark was convicted back in 2017 for his past in dangerous crash for cash scam. He was one of the individuals that were involved in a $690,000 scam that occurred between 2011 and 2013 and saw 41 crashes engineered so that fraudulent claims could be made for non-existent injuries, damages, and storage costs.

He was convicted and faced four years and nine months in jail time but was released on good behavior. Court also ordered him to pay back $3,377.27. 

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After getting released from jail the 31-year old started working as a delivery man for hospitals and claimed that he wanted to 'move on in life.' 

Speaking to Staffordshire Live he said: "I'd put the conviction behind me. I've made a mistake. I'm not proud of it, but now it's in the past.

"I'm open about it and have nothing to hide. It happened when I fell in with a bad group of people.

"Now I've done my time and it's behind me. If asked, I wouldn't lie about it.
"It was a bad point in my life and it's changed me and made me a better person.

"I'm now settled down and have a job helping people. It's a new chapter in my life and my conviction is no longer relevant to me.

"But it seems you just can't seem to shake off things that have happened in the past and mistakes you've made.

"I've taken my punishment for it and everyone deserves a second chance in life.
"I'd now ask people to allow me to move on with my life."

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Stark also admitted that setting up a GoFundMe page was a cheeky move but the backlash it received was according to him was a little bit too much.

He told the newspaper: "On this occasion, it didn't work out. It's been removed due to abuse that's been received.

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"The reaction's been over the top. If it was this time last year, it would've been a different story.

"People were saying NHS workers deserve more than they get and there were fundraising campaigns everywhere.

"I'm not saying I'm entitled and, granted, it was a bit cheeky asking."

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