Man Who Has Spent Around $8,800 On KFC Wins The Title Of 'First Ever KFC Super Fan'

Man Who Has Spent Around $8,800 On KFC Wins The Title Of 'First Ever KFC Super Fan'

Kamlesh has visited KFC branches in '50 cities' in more than 40 different countries. He has been given a place in the KFC Super Fan Hall of Fame and has also won KFC supply for a whole year.

Man named Kamlesh Mistry, who is a die hard fan of the 'Original Recipe fried chicken' of KFC, has been named their first ever super fan. He says he has spent around £7,000 ($8,800) on KFC and has been in love with their fried chicken since he was only 12. Kamlesh, 34, has eaten in KFC restaurants in around 50 cities in more than 40 different countries. He is no doubt a well-deserved winner who is not only given a place in the KFC Super Fan Hall of Fame, but he also won a year's supply of KFC.

1. This man named Kamlesh Mistry has been labeled first Ever KFC Super Fan after he ate in KFC restaurants in almost 50 different cities in more than 40 different countries

34-year-old Kamlesh says he's spent about £7,000 ($8,800) on KFC and he became the fried chicken's crazy fan when he was only 12.  He had his first bite of the famous chicken when he was in Toronto, Canada, with his great-grandma.



2. He even ate KFC while he was on his honeymoon in Hawaii

Kamlesh, from Watford, London, said: "KFC, alongside my wife and son [Millan, three] is my world.



"Whenever big, happy occasions happen in my life, KFC is never far away."

3. Kamlesh has eaten KFC in so many countries that he can't even remember the names

Kamlesh can't even remember all the countries he has gone to taste the heavenly chicken but has counted 'around 50' cities in more than 40 countries.

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He explained: "When I left university all my money went on travelling and I tried to get to new places.
"Whenever I used to see a KFC in any other country I'd visit I'd always take a picture outside and try whatever they had.



4. When Kamlesh got to know about the competition to find KFC's biggest fan, he knew he had to apply

"The most unusual place I've had KFC was in Reykjavik in Iceland. One of my friends ended up working there.
"We went to visit him and did all the sights. We went for a drink in the centre and came across a KFC, which I didn't even know existed in Iceland.



"The other one was when my wife and I went on our honeymoon to Las Vegas, San Francisco and Hawaii. When we were in Hawaii we saw a KFC and they had job applications, so I grabbed one and took a photo to joke with my family that I was having a career change.
"There's quite a few unusual menu items I've seen in other countries. I like spicy food coming from an Indian background and any other countries outside the UK have a lot of spicy variants, like different burgers and wings."

5. Not only was Kamlesh given a place in the KFC Super Fan Hall of Fame, but he also won a year's supply of KFC

Besides that, Kamlesh also won a special ceramic KFC bucket with his face on it. 

Announcing its winner, KFC said: "Kamlesh has shown unprecedented commitment to all things KFC; a worthy winner indeed!"


h also told how his mom got him a cake resembling 'KFC bucket' for his 25th birthday.

Kamlesh said: "For my 25th birthday, my mum got a cake made that resembled a bucket of KFC.
"On my stag party in Valencia, my brothers Rajesh and Manesh got me a colonel outfit and they had t-shirts made up where instead of the colonel's face, it was mine.
"If I had to pick one food group to eat for the rest of my life, they would have a pretty good guess at what that would be."

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Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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