Man Suffering From Depression Shares Sweet Notes Girlfriend Hides Around The House For Him

Man Suffering From Depression Shares Sweet Notes Girlfriend Hides Around The House For Him

Some people are blessed with the best in life. Just like many people AshciR is a man who suffers from depression. What's unique about his situation is his support system, his better half, his girlfriend. Read the story to give yourself a better start for the day!

1. Depression: A Stigma In This Society To This Time


Depression is as real as any other mental health issue. We live in the 21st century yet we still treat depression as a stigma.  It is a topic that is mostly hushed when discussed in a group. What's sadder is that if we get to know someone among our loved ones is suffering from depression, we are not even equipped to deal with them. We are clueless as to how we can be present for them and how we can support them during the dark period of their lives.

Fortunately for some, the case is different. Recently a Twitter user AshciR shared his story of depression with the internet. The highlight of the story was not the man's struggle with depression but it was his girlfriend's role in the story that caught the attention of the public

AshciR is a man who suffers from seasonal depression and his girlfriend (knowing very well about his feelings during the period) came up with a brilliant idea to help her boyfriend deal with the situation. The lady leaves hidden notes full of warmth and love for her guy all over the house. She makes sure to hide them in well-known places, knowing well her boyfriend is going to find them well on time.  Some of these messages are funny and some are quirky, all of them give the message of support to the guy. Sending the signal that no matter how tough it is, there is someone out there who cares for him and is worried about his well being. Blessed man he is!

2. Messages Full Of Warmth And Love Hidden Across The House

































13. Twitter Cheered For The Couple And Wished Them A Great Life Ahead













Image credits: AshciR

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