Man Sends Letter To Boss, Asking For An Off From Work For Call Of Duty Release

Man Sends Letter To Boss, Asking For An Off From Work For Call Of Duty Release

Chris Carter decided to try his luck and sent a customized letter template with his name filled in, to his boss, asking for a day off from work for the release of the long-awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.





After the news for the release of  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the gaming community has been waiting impatiently, many of whom waiting to get their hands on the latest released game on the weekend. But it seems like, not everyone is patient enough to get through the day without trying the newly released game. 





The folk from the Call of Duty social media team came up with a better solution and posted a letter template on their social media account, for people to forward it to their bosses, urging them to get relief from "all current duties," from midnight when the game came out. 



Credit: Activision


The letter reads: "I am writing to advise _______ is to be relieved of all current duties commencing 0001 hours on October 25.

"The circumstances of their absence are of a highly classified nature, hence should not be subject to questioning due to the sensitivity of activities during the aforementioned time period.

"Their contribution to the task at hand is of International Importance. You may overhear them discussing preparations for their time away, and we advise that you do not engage.

"Please disregard terminology 'loadout', 'sesh', 'we on', 'no scope' and 'them Ws'. As a citizen, this is none of your concern."
It's then signed off from 'Colin O'Duty'



Credit: Activision


Taking his chance, one man decided to try his luck and tweeting a photo of the letter with his name filling the blank and saying he'd just sent it off to his boss.

Unfortunately for him, the man's manager was not really into the idea, though for a different reason. Chris Carter, 35, told LADbible: "I sent it to my direct team leader, and he told me - and I quote - 'You can kiss my a**! If anyone is having tomorrow off, it's me.'"

Chris, who works as a refrigeration engineer from the northwest has been good friends with his boss for 15 years. Not only the duo are good friends but they are also fellow gamers. So if anyone was going to take his request into serious consideration, it was only his boss. "Me and my team leader regularly play CoD together and we also play Airsoft together," he said. "We are both in work today and on the same site, ribbing each other about CoD and trying to get finished first to see if we can get off early."



Credit: Activision


He continued: "Having played the Alfa of the game, but not having had chance to play tonight, it's hard to say.

"I would say that this is the first CoD I am excited for in the last five years or more. This is the rebirth of CoD."



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