Man Robs TWO Banks With Only An Avocado, Leaving Cops Baffled!

Man Robs TWO Banks With Only An Avocado, Leaving Cops Baffled!

The man in question threatened to blow up the banks with a grenade. But it apparently was only an avocado, which was painted black!

A man from southern Israel is facing charges of aggravated robbery following a string of successful heists, which earned him a cool $8,300 from two banks in Beersheba in the past month. But the 47-year-old thief's modus operandi is what made several people chuckle. 

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This guy managed to swindle several banks using a fruit, that is wildly popular with vegetarians and vegans alike, as a weapon to scare bank tellers into giving him piles of money. The cheeky thief used avocado to get people to hand over their cash!

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According to reports on the incident, the man is a resident of a nearby Bedouin village. He allegedly entered a Postal Bank branch at the Big Beersheba shopping mall and handed the cashier a note rife with spelling mistakes, demanding the cashier to hand over the cash in her counter. 

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News channels state that the note read: "hand over the money in the drawer" but had misspelled the Hebrew word for 'drawer'. The cashier hesitated to follow the instruction on the note, which then prompted the thief to speak for the first time. 


"Put the money in the bag quickly or I’ll throw this grenade," said the thief. Immediately, the cashier's attention was drawn to the round, black object the thief was clutching in his right hand, which he claimed was the grenade. The cashier handed the 'armed' robber the money and the thief walked out of the branch with $4,450 in cash. 

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Five days later, the fruity conman decided to rob another Postal Bank at the Oren Center using the same modus operandi. He walked into the shopping center, shook an avocado that was painted black in the cashier's face and threatened to blow up the place, and walked out with $3,300 in cash this time. 


The thief was clever enough to conceal his identity using hats and eye patches, which made it harder for the authorities to pinpoint the man's identity. But they soon narrowed down on the suspected thief after tracking cellphone locations at the time of the robberies. 

So kids, well, don't just eat your fruits, rob banks with them!

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