Man Proposes To Girlfriend With A Selection Of Five Different Diamond Rings.

Man Proposes To Girlfriend With A Selection Of Five Different Diamond Rings.

This man decided to take his proposal to the next level and with the amount of planning he put into it, it had to be succesful.

A man has gone viral on social media with his unique way of proposing to his girlfriend. He proposed to his girlfriend by offering five different engagement rings, offering her to choose the best one and whichever one she wanted.

Looking at the pictures, one could say the proposal is a tad bit too much but as long as it serves the purpose right? As in this case, the girlfriend was over the moon and accepted the proposal. 


Credit: Instagram/@mz_miller


The man who made this unique proposal is William Hunn and he popped the big question to his girlfriend Brittney Miller on a rooftop place after taking her on a helicopter ride across Atlanta, Georiga. Once on the rooftop, the man got down on his knee and produced five different rings, and asked Brittney to be his wife. 


Credit: Instagram/@mz_miller


I mean who would reject such a cheesy but romantic proposal? So she said yes of course!

After the proposal, Miller shared a video from the moment and shared her thoughts on her new fiancé's extravagant gesture.

On her Instagram account, she said: "Yesterday, we were supposed to go wine tasting, arriving via helicopter [...]

"Instead we took it around the city and landed on a rooftop downtown where a few friends snuck up on me while me while my back was turned."

Credit: Instagram/@mz_miller


She continued: "I was soooo surprised. And then 5 RINGS that I was torn between!?

"I had a rush of so many emotions, while still trying to figure out how he pulled all of this off without me knowing!! I cried... a lot.

"After I said yes [...] we jumped back in the helicopter, took another loop and went back to the airport [...]

 "I should have known better... lol [...] I opened the door and both of our families were inside!!

"They all flew into town to make this day special for the both of us. I'm talking parents, grandparents, and siblings."


Credit: Instagram/@mz_miller


Miller added: "The helicopter landing, into a proposal with five rings AND an engagement party where both sides of the family are present????
"This was a boss move [Will]. You've planned one hell of an experience that I will never be able to forget. [...] I love you."

Well, with the amount of planning the guy has put into the proposal, we can say we are definitely impressed. Either way, we congratulate the couple and wish them the best for their future!

Credit: Instagram/@mz_miller





Source: LadBible

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