Man Opens Own Coffee Shop As No one Hires Him For Being Autistic.

Man Opens Own Coffee Shop As No one Hires Him For Being Autistic.

Michael created an amazing business for himself as it got difficult for him to get a job because of his disability.

Michael Coyne applied for many jobs but got rejected because he had autism.
"After I turned 21 I applied to multiple places," the Special Olympics athlete told WLNE-TV. "None of them would hire me."



Michael's mother found it heartbreaking too as her other children had managed to find work.
"It's not easy for parents to watch your kid sit around the kitchen table while everyone else is enjoying life and coworkers, and talking about their day," she said.
After several rejections, Michael decided to change things himself. Since it became hard for him to get a job, he created a business for himself.



Michael took business classes and then he opened "Red White & Brew Coffeehouse" in Rhode Island.

The coffeehouse's Facebook page says, "We are a family owned coffee shop serving up more than a cup of coffee. We employ people with developmental disabilities, encourage community engagement, and change the way the world sees those with disabilities."

"We are a specialty coffeehouse, selling locally roasted coffee beans," the page continues. "We also sell muffins, pastries, and calzones. We share our home with The Budding Violet, a unique gift shop filled with items from local artists."



The shop has become a "beacon of hope" for people who get rejected by workplaces because of their disabilities.
"It's just a beacon of hope for people with disabilities," Michael said.





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