Man With A Finger Lickin' Good Plan Scams KFC And Eats For Free For A Year

Man With A Finger Lickin' Good Plan Scams KFC And Eats For Free For A Year

Recently, a man was arrested for eating free at KFC for an entire year by claiming he had been sent from the head office for quality assurance.

Let's be honest for a second here, we've all encountered a companion who trails all the way back to the drive-thru, asserting an item had been 'left' from their order despite the fact that it has without a doubt directly placed in front of them.

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And even more surprisingly, they're met with a well-mannered expression of remorse before being presented with a substitute for the said 'left' item and a bonus to compensate for it! However, what this 27-year-old man did was clear-cut virtuoso! 

Source: Wikimedia (For representational purposes only)

Unfortunately, it just simply came up short since he has now been captured and will show up in court after purportedly misleading his way into eating free at KFC for a whole year! That's right, one whole year, 365 days, free KFC! (gulp)

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The South African man is accounted for to have told workers of the fast food chain that he had been sent from the KFC headquarters for quality check purposes to ensure that the chicken was up to the brand's standard. (quite genius, if you think about it!) 

Source: Wikimedia (For representational purposes only)

As per India Today, the University of KwaZulu-Natal understudy would stroll in with certainty and tell staff that he was there for quality assurance checks of the food items served in the eatery. It has additionally been accounted for that the anonymous man had an ID card from 'head office' and would dress rather formally.


Moreover, he visited the KFC franchises in a limousine. Somebody needs to give this man a frickin' medal for his sheer dedication! All things considered, as per Xpouzar, the man's companion is a low-maintenance limo driver and appeared to be a quite decent alibi for helping him showcase that he was a man with status. 


An individual from staff from KFC told Xpouzar, "When he arrived we would all try to act our best so that we didn't piss off the man from head office - he was so convincing because he was so confident, and even colleagues from other branches of KFC know him." 


"When he came in, he rushed to the kitchen and checked everything, taking notes and then asked for samples of whatever he wanted. He probably worked for KFC before because he knows everything," the staff member added. The story was shared on Twitter by a Kenyan writer who tweets under the handle 'The African Voice'. The post currently has 22,000 likes and 10,000 retweets with individuals calling the KFC impostor a 'legend'.


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