Man Confronts Attacker Who Punched Him 4 Years Ago, Only To Get Knocked Out Again!

Man Confronts Attacker Who Punched Him 4 Years Ago, Only To Get Knocked Out Again!

The guy responsible identified as Reece Wilkin lashed out at the man for a second time when he approached him to try and find out why he had initially attacked him four years ago.

Karma is a b*tch that everyone's aware of, however, sometimes she is away at vacations. And something very similar happened in a hilariously bizarre turn of events when an assault victim decided to finally confront the man who had thrashed him some years ago, but unfortunately, he was knocked out cold once again by him! 

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The Grimsby Telegraph reports that when the anonymous victim recognized Reece Wilkin as the individual who had previously punched him, he decided to go over and request some answers from him.

Grimsby Crown Court heard the man inquired, "Do you know who I am? I'm the lad you punched next door in Gypsy Tears." 

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However, mere moments later Wilkin struck the man once again, rendering him unconscious with broken cheekbones.  Furthermore, as indicated by investigation reports, Wilkin, 34, of Claremont Road, Grimsby, conceded causing horrifying bodily damage to the unfortunate casualty. 

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Arraigning, Andrew Bailey told the court that Wilkin had recently punched the other man in the face in the past - a quarrel which saw him get a fine in the wake of showing up in court the next year.

Then in their second confrontation, Wilkin purportedly struck the man as hard as could reasonably be expected, leaving him with broken cheekbones. 

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According to reports, the second altercation brought about a rather serious medical surgery and three plates being embedded into the victim's cheeks, making his face 'balloon up' for two months while he recouped.

Moderating in court for the benefit of Wilkin, Saleem Khan said it was, truth be told, the unfortunate casualty himself who chose to approach his client. 

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He told the court how Wilkin - a dad-of-two - was out with his significant other and when the unfortunate casualty moved toward him and he felt 'intimidated.'

"The trouble came to him. He didn't go looking for it. He felt intimidated. He was under some fear and apprehension at the time," said Mr. Khan. 

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"But for the victim's actions, this would never have happened," he further expressed. It was likewise heard that the defendant had shown regret and had fund-raised for charity previously. Recorder Christopher Williams stated, "It was unwise, perhaps, for you to be approached at that time." 

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Noting his charity he said, "You have done great things in terms of your life for the sake of others," Consequently, Wilkin was given a 15-month suspended jail sentence, request to complete 160 hours' of unpaid work and was advised to pay £1,000 remuneration to the ailing victim. Furthermore, he was also given a four-year restraining order. 

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