Man Posts Tips On 'How To Be A Beautiful Woman', And Netizens Were Quick To Bring Him Down!

Man Posts Tips On 'How To Be A Beautiful Woman', And Netizens Were Quick To Bring Him Down!

Netizens everywhere can't decide if Alexander J A Cortes was being serious or if the whole incident was meant to be a joke, but either way, everyone is equally furious!

In a rather bizarre turn of events, a man has caused a widespread shock among netizens by sharing his tips on "How to be a beautiful woman", which infuriatingly includes being thin and wearing pink garments at all costs. Author and inspirational speaker Alexander J.A Cortes shared his 12-step process, saying "only a man can tell a woman how to act."

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Furthermore, he trusts that men should utilize his advice to "vet woman", and likewise claims that any lady who gets furious at the rundown "would be a terrible mother." Additionally, his tips, which incorporate being slender, sporting pink, tuning in to men and having the capacity to cook, have majorly offended individuals via social media channels. 

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Be that as it may, a vast majority of the netizens are bewildered by the messages and can't choose if the man is clowning or not, with some recommending he is being sarcastic or running a spoof account.

According to Alexander, in order to be a 'beautiful woman' one must "Be Thin, Be able to cook, Have long hair, Wear Make-up, Be feminine, Be Graceful, Be sensual, Shave (should without saying), Be fashionable, Wear pink and feminine colors, Love men, and Listen to men." 



He added, "You can use this list to vet women. If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to breed with and that they would be terrible mothers." Consequently, a little while later Alexander became immersed with messages from individuals marking him chauvinist and silly. 

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One wrote, "You’re joking right!? I’ll be damned if a man is going to tell me how to act! I bet you’re single?" Another added, "Only a man could make a list of all the attributes he wants in a woman (by the looks of it because he’s desperately insecure) and make out that’s something all men want. I feel sorry for you, you must miss out on meeting some truly amazing people."

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A third simply asked, "What century are you living in." However, the widespread anger among netizens didn't seem to end at all, and to be fair, the guy truly deserved the criticism. One woman replied, "I’m using this as teaching example of what NOT to do when dating a man. Or woman. Red flags everywhere."



Furthermore, responding to the messages, Alexander wrote, "Based on these replies, a lot of you poor women sound like you're under f*****. That is unfortunate. If you follow the lessons on the list, you can become a woman that Masculine men are attracted to. Contact me to learn how to be beautiful." 



"I have a personal policy that I only talk to women who are 8+s on a 10 scale so if I ignore your reply, don't feel bad you can probably upgrade yourself if you follow the roadmap that I've given you. Beauty can always be learned," he concluded. In any case, loads of commenters couldn't comprehend the fact that somebody would actually post this, so they claimed it must be a joke. 


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