Man Caught Sneaking Down The Street Dressed As A Bush During Lockdown.

Man Caught Sneaking Down The Street Dressed As A Bush During Lockdown.

To step out of the house and to avoid quarantine restrictions, people are going to great lengths, just like this man who dressed up as a bush to sneak out of his house but unfortunately got caught by his neighbors.




During these lockdown times, people are finding thrill in very strange things. With everyday news of curfew and lockdown and people asked by governments to stay at home, things have become very difficult to manage.  Even though the decision of quarantine is done for the betterment of people but some people are willing to go great lengths to avoid the restriction. 




Here is an example of one person from a neighborhood in UK, who decided to escape his house and cheat the officials by dressing up as a bush. The man wanted to simply escape his house unnoticed however, he got caught by his neighbors, Nicholas Murray and Madeline Mai-Davies, who filmed the strange occurrence and posted the video to TikTok.

The pair posted two different videos to the app and together quickly gained millions of views across several social media platforms.




The hilarious video shows the man covered in fake leaves from head to toe and sneakily moving down the street, ducking behind trash cans to hide well. In one video, the man can be seen even walking down the street and doing somersault down the street as if in an action movie. 

Though, later it was discovered that the man was actually playing a prank on everyone and was just out for grocery shopping which is still allowed under curfew. He later returned with his grocery bags in hand. 




“Got his shopping. Turning up to the party while on lockdown,” Murray wrote in a later post.
Murray later told Caters News Agency, “Looking back, I didn’t expect the video to go that viral and get 16.5 million views. Whilst in this difficult time we want to bring smiles, laughs and hope.”

Mai-Davies added, “I was overwhelmed with the support and following that came from it.”





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