Man Arrested At Restaurant After Allegedly Swinging His Colostomy Bag Around.

Man Arrested At Restaurant After Allegedly Swinging His Colostomy Bag Around.

A crazy incident has gone viral after Tennesse police were called in an emergency to a restaurant after a man drunken man decided that it would be a fun idea to swing his colostomy bag in a restaurant full of people.

A bizarre incident led to an arrest of a man outside a Kid Rock restaurant in Nashville after he was accused of swinging his colostomy bag in his drunken state.

As a result, Tennessee police were called to the restaurant on reports the man was drunk and committing unspeakable acts.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department told Newsweek they arrived on the scene because security guards were having a hard time moving him away from the emergency exit door at Kid Rock's.

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An affidavit obtained by the publication states: "When the Metro police officers arrived to the location to assist security the defendant took out his colostomy bag from the inside of his front pants area and started to swing the bag around from left to right hitting two of the Metro police officers with his faeces."



The man has since been charged with 'assault on the two Metro police officers, disorderly conduct and public intoxication'.

The video went viral on social media and police eventually took to the social media to share what exactly happened that day.

A Twitter account that documents the police scanner for Nashville Police had an absolute field day live-tweeting the incident as it happened.

The official account even shared that this isn't the first time for the police to dealing with such cases. 
The poster added: "Well Kid Rock is already marked off on the bingo card, and we did not have man flinging faeces from his colostomy bag even in our distant thoughts as a possible call type...

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"Don't think I'd want to be the transport car on this arrest...now where is that hot tub wagon...some officers may need to take a quick bath..."

As the post went viral on Twitter, it was soon picked by a local gossip Facebook page where it went viral.

Scoop: Nashville told their followers that the bloke was accused of 'swinging the "filled" bag at others' outside the restaurant and managed to hit some patrons.





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