Magical Furniture Created By This Woodworker Looks Like It Belongs To Some Cartoon World.

Magical Furniture Created By This Woodworker Looks Like It Belongs To Some Cartoon World.

Henk Verhoeff is a woodworker from New Zealand who knows how to create magic from wood. This talented man creates incredible woodcrafts and furniture which look like they are straight outta some cartoon movie.

Being a woodworker requires a lot of hard work and passion. Recently a girl posted her father's brilliant work online which immediately went viral. Henk Verhoeff is none other than a magician when it comes to woodcraft and his amazing logic-defying furniture. He creates wonders with his hands and has a skill that belongs to some other world. When his daughter posted his handcrafted furniture's pictures on Facebook, everybody was amazed by his talent. The page has already gotten 83k likes in such a short time. It looks like Henk's furniture is straight out of some cartoon movie.

1. This and many other masterpieces have been created by woodworker Henk Verhoeff who belongs to New Zealand



2. One day, Henk's daughter Linda decided to share her father's extraordinary work on Facebook



3. People instantly fell in love with his work. The page has gotten 83k likes already in such a short period of time



4. Henk's style is very unique. He makes the wood look  incredibly light



5. His furniture looks like it belongs to some cartoon world



6. The best part is, all of Henk’s furniture is fully functional



7. “I describe my style of furniture as broken and weird. I like making weird furniture, something that you don’t see in a shop,” said the woodworker in an interview with Bored Panda.



8. Henk says that the inspiration to create this brilliant work comes from his 'twisted brain'



9. Henk told that each piece of furniture can take him up to a hundred hours to finish



10. The wood he uses is New Zealand pine 

He sometimes also uses Rimu, if he can get his hands on it.



11. Henk started woodworking 53 years ago



12. He is a retired cabinet maker

“Now it is just my hobby and passion,” says the man.


13. Henk currently has no intention to sell his furniture

“I started creating them for the pure love of it without the intention of selling them. But when I run out of space, there will be an eBay auction or two. Everything is for sale… except for my wife,” joked the woodworker.



14. Henk didn't expect that the response would be this overwhelming

 “I was absolutely blown away at how this has gone viral, just a post my daughter put up on a page to share,” said the man. “I never expected ANYTHING like this.”



15. He and his daughter are grateful to all those who appreciate his work




If you want to check out more of Henk's amazing work, you can like his page 'One Of A Kind Woodwork Creations By Henk' on Facebook.



Image Credits: Facebook

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