Macaulay Culkin Posts Hilarious Picture In Response To The News Of "Home Alone" Movie Reboot

Macaulay Culkin Posts Hilarious Picture In Response To The News Of "Home Alone" Movie Reboot

Following the news of reboot of "Home Alone" Maculay Calkin posted a hilarious picture on Twitter with the caption, “This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like.”

1. News Of Movie Reboot Not Well Received By The Public




These days making a reboot of famous old movies is all the rage now. The news of movie reboots is not usually received well by the fans. With the recent news of the “Home Alone” franchise in the process of a reboot, the movie star Macaulay Culkin posted a hilarious response on social media that left the social media in stitches. Macaulay's post sparked a debate on social media with most of the people protesting against the reboot.

2. "Hey, Disney Cast Me"




Macaulay posted a funny picture of himself plopped down comfortably on a couch with the caption, “Hey, Disney cast me.” The post was so hilarious that it became viral and people responded with their own opinions in the most humorous way possible.

3. Social Media Users Responded To The Tweet In The Most Humorous Way Possible!





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