Luke Bryan Talks Taking in His Nieces and Nephew After Sister's and Brother In Law Passing Away.

Luke Bryan Talks Taking in His Nieces and Nephew After Sister's and Brother In Law Passing Away.

In 2014, tragedy struck again when Kelly's husband died, leaving Bryan's nephew, Til, and nieces, Kris and Jordan, without parents. Without hesitation, Luke and Caroline adopted their nieces and nephew and have been their guardians ever since.

Luke Bryan's important life decision was filled with kindness when he adopted his sister's children. And he seems to carry the responsibility well.Luke Bryan opened up on the changes in his family he had to make after his sister, Kelly and her husband tragically died, some years apart.




Luke Bryan is one of the top country singers out there. Country music might not be that successful but he has numerous songs that must be known to fans and they even remember the lyrics. Luke got married and had two sons, Bo and Tate, with his sweetheart Caroline Boyer. 


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Luke Bryan’s life took a weird turn when his brother-in-law, Ben Lee Cheshire, died in 2014 and his nephew Til, and his nieces Kris and Jordan, were orphaned as Kelly had passed on earlier. The children had no one to rely on and were all alone. And there was Luke with a kind heart with a lot of generosity that he adopted his sister's children. 


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However he seems quite happy with his expanded family and celebrates different events with them according to what Carolina's social media pictures say.


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Luke already had two sons who needed a bit of adjusting with the recent change but Luke revealed in an interview that his children quickly got accustomed to having three other children around.


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As at the time of the adoption, Luke's sister’s children Jordan, Kris, and Til were teens and the first two were nearing college. So it was easy for Luke and he just had to tackle them as adults and how to give good advice to them. 




Also, Luke's wife seems to be quite understanding and helpful with him in this big decision and is playing a role as a good mother. 

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