Lost Dog Jumps Right Into His Mom's Arms After Seeing Her For The First Time In 'Six Years'

Lost Dog Jumps Right Into His Mom's Arms After Seeing Her For The First Time In 'Six Years'

'Alex' was a lost pet who reunited with his family after 'six years'. His family was afraid he might have forgotten about them. But when 'Alex' saw them, he jumped right into his mom's arms. This emotional scene was captured in a heartwarming video leaving everybody in tears.

Little dog 'Alex' was rescued by a kind man from the streets and was taken to the shelter house. The malnourished Chihuahua looked like it was a pet. The shelter staffers scanned him for the microchip and found out that his name is 'Alex'. They also found about his family and immediately contacted them. The family who had been searching for him for the past six years couldn't believe they found their 'Alex'.  They were afraid Alex might have forgotten about them. But when Alex saw them, he started wagging his tail with excitement and jumped into his mom's arms. Alex remembered his family even after six years and now he will never be apart again.

1. This little dog was brought to the shelter by a kind person who rescued him from the streets

He was passing by when the lost dog ran to him as if asking for help. Fortunately, the guy listened to the dog's yelp and brought him to the shelter.

“He practically dove for this guy, as if saying, ‘Help me! Help me!’” Claudia Labbé, a volunteer at YOUR Humane Society SPCA, told The Dodo. “He was so happy to see him.”

The lost Chihuahua was malnourished and covered in fleas, but was very friendly and looked like it was someone's lost pet. So the shelter staffers scanned him for a microchip. 


YOUR Humane Society SPCA


2. When the dog was being scanned, his name — Alex — appeared as did the names of his former owners.

The staff was overjoyed to find about the dog's family. They immediately got in touch with them and were amazed after listening to Alex's story. 

Alex was lost for the last six years, his owners live in Naples, Florida, over 225 miles from where Alex was found. He came to live with the family when he was only 2-months old and had two human brothers.

Alex also had one larger dog brother named Thunder. But when Thunder left to go live with Grandma for a while, Alex dug a hole under the fence of his yard and escaped — most likely in search of Thunder.




3. Alex's family looked for him everywhere but ended up with disappointment

Alex's family couldn't believe when they received a call from the Humane Society SPCA. They were finally going to be reunited with their dog after 'six years'. That one call changed their lives, they were afraid Alex might have forgotten them. But as soon as Alex was taken to them, he couldn't contain his excitement and started wagging his tail. He jumped into his mom's arms at once leaving everybody in tears. 

 “Alex could not contain his sheer joy of seeing them again,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “They all stood, hugging a giddy pup who regained his identity and his long-lost family.”
YOUR Humane Society SPCA


“Everybody was in tears, including the staff,” Labbé said. “This is what motivates everybody — because pets are family.” 

4. The best part is that Alex has also been reunited with his dog brother Thunder

Now Alex is back with his family and buddy 'Thunder' and will never be apart again.


YOUR Humane Society SPCA



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