Teen’s little TikTok experiment shows that her MAGA parents don’t want her to date someone like Trump.

Teen’s little TikTok experiment shows that her MAGA parents don’t want her to date someone like Trump.

Teen secretly records her MAGA parents when she tells them she will date a guy with characteristics like president Trump. They ask her to rethink her decision.

Over the last few years, one thing that President Donald Trump supporters have proven time and again is that they are immune to reason, see no harm in anything their president has done, and are determined to ignore science, common decency, and even sensible political strategy in his honor.

To prove this, a TikTok user @faithashjuran recently posted a video on TikTok proving how unreasonable her parents are when it comes to voting for Trump.

She pulled a prank on her MAGA parents that has been going viral on the platform. The video starts as Faith explains to her parents that she will be going on a date with a guy that has a couple of sexual assault allegations. She said,

“I’m going on a date next week. It seems like he has a really good relationship with the Lord. But yeah, I really like him – we’ve been talking for a few weeks. He does have a few sex assault allegations, though.”

Her parents were fine till she said ‘Sexual assault allegations’, to which her parents are shocked and clearly worried why she would even consider someone with sexual assault allegations against them. For a second, her mother thinks she's pulling their leg but she asserts herself.



She further says,

“No, I’m serious.”

And her mom responds,

“Why would you date this guy if he has sexual assault allegations?”



To this Faith calmly explains that there’s no proof, so her future boyfriend is only an alleged sexual predator. Her dad kindly tells her that she’s not allowed to date her imaginary man.
However, instead of trying to calm down the situation, Faith adds that she looked at the man’s Twitter, and he’s racist as well. Perplexed, her dad asks her,

“Well, why would you even consider this?”

And then, Faith drops the bomb.

“But you’d let a man like this run the country?”

By saying this, Faith made it clear that she was only invoking Donald Trump's character to expose their hypocrisy. Her mother is not at all amused by Faith's little trick. Her dad is still confused but then her mother explains it, telling him that she was pulling the Trump card on them. Annoyed with the little trick, the woman asks her, "Seriously, Faith?”







She had succeeded in exposing the hypocrisy of her MAGA parents but they still wouldn't see the "sexual assault allegations" and "racism" as a slight against Trump. Instead, they didn’t even bother defending themselves which is nothing but sad sight.

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Article and Image Source: Upworthy, Meettheinternet, Trendings

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