Little Corgi mix Puppy is completely overjoyed during her first visit to Target.

Little Corgi mix Puppy is completely overjoyed during her first visit to Target.

Puppies are full of energy and joy and especially this Corgi mix when she went to Target shopping for the first time and was so overjoyed that her video is now viral on the Internet and people can't get enough of it.

Going for Target shopping is so exciting and I don't know any people around me who despise these kind of trips. So this video of this corgi mix puppy went viral when she went for her first trip to Target.




The snaps show her excitement and how she was overwhelmed looking at things all lightened up. 







This puppy may be the cutest shopping partner ever. Because the way she couldn't hold her happiness was so good to even see. With her big grin and enthusiastic expressions, she became popular on social media. 


Instagram | @itsthedonovans


Zira, the Corgi Aussie mix's adorable photos went viral after her human snapped a few pictures at her local Target store on her first trip.


Instagram | @itsthedonovans


As mostly puppies enjoy exploring new things and when they are just a few months old their energy is extra. So part of how Zira explores the world around her is through chewing on things.

So all in all, it must have been very exciting to see all of the new things to chew on for her. But she behaved well and kept a good attitude on the whole time they were there.




A lot depends on the dog, the people around the dog, and the store personnel. This means that chances are, as long as your dog is well-behaved, no one will probably say anything, even though the company’s policy is to not allow non-service dogs.

Although response to Zira’s adorable photos which Jesse shared on her Instagram has been extremely positive. But what she didn't know and was explained by other people was that Target is Service Animal Friendly only store and that  Zira’s presence in the store could expose service dogs and their owners to potential risk and some other dangers too.




After Jesse's viral post about Zira, she shared more of instruction and safety measures and some other spots for puppies like Zira who love shopping!

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Images source : itsthedonovans

Article source : Diply

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