Lions Enjoying Lockdown In South Africa As they Take Naps In The Middle Of The Empty Road

Lions Enjoying Lockdown In South Africa As they Take Naps In The Middle Of The Empty Road

Animals take advantage of lesser human intrusion due to the Coronavirus pandemic and take a nap on the empty roads in South Africa.

The lockdown locked all the humans in their houses and the animals are coming over the streets and places occupied by humans previously. Some pictures from a national park in South Africa proves that animals are enjoying the lesser intrusion of humans. 


Richard Sowry via Twitter | @SANParksKNP


Some pictures captured are showing pride of lions appearing to nap in the middle of a road.  The whole world has come to a halt over the coronavirus pandemic. And South Africa has been on lockdown since March 25. All the wildlife parks are closed for tourists to keep a healthy distance.

These are from Kruger National Park, which is  one of the largest game reserves in Africa. The park management itself has been tweeting photos and videos of animals roaming around the park freely without being disturbed by the tourists.


Richard Sowry via Twitter | @SANParksKNP

A few photos showed the lions lounging on a vacant stretch of road. And maybe it rained last night and as lions don't really like to mix up with water they are asleep on the vacant road. 

Ranger Richard Sowry took the photo from his vehicle so closely otherwise, the lions don't let people on foot so close to them. 


Richard Sowry via Twitter | @SANParksKNP


Kruger media officer Isaac Phaala added when he was questioned about the animals that, "Normally [the lions] would be in the bushes because of the traffic but they are very smart and now they are enjoying the freedom of the park without us."




Due to the coronavirus outbreak, humans have decided to stay at home. Animals have seen this as an opportunity and are now exploring the cities having the time of their lives.

Recebtly we also witnesses a small town in the UK had become a hangout spot for a herd of wild Kashmiri goats who have seized the opportunity of finding empty streets by claiming their right over it. Much to our surprise, the goats seem to be quite enjoying city life, strolling down the streets and munching on some hedges.


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