Like an owl, see this man can twist his head nearly 180 degrees.

Like an owl, see this man can twist his head nearly 180 degrees.

Strange viral video shows a man twisting his head 180 degrees on his neck before returning to its original place... And, before you even consider it, DO NOT attempt this at home.


party trick! ##duet if you can do this

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While most of us can't even reach our toes, this guy can spin his head around like an owl. Or, depending on how you want to perceive it, like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

A user named @sheaabutt00 shared the video on TikTok, writing: "party trick! #duet if you can do this."

The man in the video places one hand on his chin and the other behind his head, then slowly pushes his chin backward while pulling the top of his head forward.

His head turns backward after completing the 180-degree turn, before slowly spinning it back to its original position.

Behind the camera, a voice can be heard saying: "Oh s***! I need a drink, I need a drink!"

TikTok has issued a warning alongside the video, which reads: "The activities depicted in this video were either performed or supervised by experts. Make no endeavor."
Unsurprisingly, many people were taken aback by the bizarre act, with the video receiving over 53,000 likes and 3.3 million views.

Credit: TikTok/@sheaabutt00


Dr. Simran Deo, an Online Doctor at Zava, explained that she believes there are 'very few people who can do it safely due to 'hypermobile joints or connective tissue disorders, and warned against the stunt as it could lead to paralysis or stroke.


Deo said:

"The cervical spine which is the bony structure in your neck should only be able to move up to 90 degrees on each side - this means your neck should turn so ideally your ear is in line with your shoulder on each side.
"Anything further and it could cause significant damage to your spinal cord (the nerves that run down inside your spinal column to the rest of your body), as well as the large blood vessels that are found in the neck and supply oxygen to your brain.
"I suspect there are very few individuals who can truly do this but one of the reasons they may be able to do this is due to hypermobile joints or connective tissue disorders.
"This is when the muscles, ligaments and tendons are more stretchy meaning that joints can bend further than they would in people without these conditions.
 "Overall though this is not something to try to do as it could lead to paralysis or a reduced blood supply to the head and neck leading to a stroke." 

Article source: ladbible.com

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