Let Picky Eaters Go To Bed without Having Dinner, Says The Celebrity Chef David Burtka

Let Picky Eaters Go To Bed without Having Dinner, Says The Celebrity Chef David Burtka

Picky eaters are hard to deal with when it comes to food. David Burtka has a working suggestion for parents, says ‘It’s okay to send picky eaters to bed without dinner, they’re not gonna starve.’

You might have some picky eaters at your home too because each house definitely has one child or even an adult who is hard to deal with when it comes to food. Such picky eaters can starve all the way when they don't get the desired things. 

On the contrary, a famous celebrity chef stated something opposite to this. Let's have a look!

David Burtka is a renowned celebrity chef and also an actor, who keeps talking of his cooking talents which he seems to be a pro at. 






















You will be astonished when you will go through his Instagram account and we can see your mouth is already watering only by the mention of it. Not your mistake though.




David is a renowned chef and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Pasadena back in 2009. His skills are undoubtedly great and are visible by the art he has displayed by cooking only. 




What he says about picky eaters is also surprising but he might be right as he is also a dad of nine-year-old twins. He also claims that he is not at all worried when his kids don't eat what he cooks. 


Instagram | @dbelicious


He says these are tastes from childhood which turn into strong habits in adult life. Although parents are worried, these parents should care for food habits since childhood as that is when the tastes are developing. Also, salt can be added to food when your child is only six months. He states how salt is a taste enhancer and does wonder.


Taste enhancer


He says to parents, "You want to develop their palates because if you’re giving them bland food, all they’re going to want later in life is bland food."


Instagram | @davidburtka


David continues by saying do not worry if your child goes to bed without eating because you didn't give what he likes. Because these children do their own preparations and at last eat what is available when they are starving. However, this is a pretty controversial opinion that letting your child go without a meal is a good solution to picky eating. But this totally depends on you in the end.




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