Lady tracks down a Dress for a Friend’s Autistic Daughter and is Blown Away by the Response.

Lady tracks down a Dress for a Friend’s Autistic Daughter and is Blown Away by the Response.

This lady’s friend’s daughter is autistic and she is obsessed with her broken heart dress. The child refuses to wear anything else which makes things difficult for the mother. To help her, the mom’s friend asks twitter to help her track down the dress. Luckily, Twitter did not disappoint.

Children with autism can give their parents a hard time especially when it comes to things they prefer. One such example is this mom who was in distress cause of her daughter refusing to wear anything else other than a three-year-old dress.
However, thanks to her friend who asked the twitteratis to help her, her life became a tad bit easy.
Recently, Twitter user Deborah Price asked Twitter users if they had a specific dress from company, Next.



She explained how one of her friend’s autistic daughter, Elsie, is fussy about what she wears and refuses to wear anything other than this old broken heart dress. As her daughter is growing older, Deborah's friend wanted to see if anyone out there had the dress in the size she needed.
The reach of internet, especially social media is commendable. The message reached next and the company reached out to Deborah saying that they don’t make the dress but they will definitely see what they can do.



Turns out many people came running to help the distressed mother. Deborah followed up with a thread about how wonderful the internet truly is.
Here’s the complete thread.





















Deborah pointed out that the dress would give her friend some "breathing room." She was blown away by the response and was very happy to see that people were ready to help. One of the users even offered to recreate the dress for her friend and Elsie using a fabric she found on eBay.
Deborah was touched by the overwhelming response and the little Elsie is enjoying her new broken heart dress.

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Article Source: Diply

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