Ladies And Gentlemen, The Boyfriend Of The Year Award Goes To...

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Boyfriend Of The Year Award Goes To...

Love is in the air, or is it? Well, on the off chance that it isn't doesn't imply that you can't find your true love! As you long you've got yourself, you're perfectly fine!

Selfies might not have an excessive number of purposes, yet probably some of them can surely make you giggle. Along similar lines, Rain Yokohama made a point to take a progression of selfies that will definitely put a smile on your face. He took a few 'photographs with his girlfriend', which would be absolutely normal – on the off chance that he had one!

In this clever display of 'couple photographs', he poses and takes photographs all on his own. He makes it look like his girlfriend's taking cute photographs of him, or even as they are posing together. Furthermore, the photographs really appear genuine, until you see the BTS photographs and gag with laughter: 

1. Like a boss! 


2. Putting that foot to work! 


3. Winning! 


4. Made for each other 


5. The kiss of life 


6. Living in 2050 


7. Forever alone & proud 


8. Cuddling is the best 


9. *Facepalm 


10. When she's overprotective 


11. Wanderlust 


12. Not all heroes wear capes 


13. ROFL 


14. Somebody, call 911! 


15. *Standing ovation 


16. Right in the feels 


17. Deceiving is believing 


18. *Sheds single tear 


19. Time to leave this planet! 


20. When chicken is bae! 


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