L'Oréal USA Has Announced Ambitious Goals of Shifting to 100-Percent Sustainable Packaging By 2025.

L'Oréal USA Has Announced Ambitious Goals of Shifting to 100-Percent Sustainable Packaging By 2025.

Famous beauty products company L'Oréal has joined the 60 organizations that are a part of the U.S. Plastics Pact, and has pledged to use 100 percent sustainable packaging by 2025.

Beauty industry and fast fashion industry are one of the major users of plastic and environmentally harmful substances. They have been contributing to hazardous waste for centuries.



Hence, in the past few years, some movements to reduce the amount of industry waste produced have been started. One of them is the U.S. Plastics Pact. Currently more than 60 organizations have joined the pacts and recently L'Oréal USA became one of them.



This news came as a whiff of happiness for many citizens and makeup enthusiasts. The company’s plans of joining the pact are topped with ambitious goals of using 100 percent sustainable packaging by 2025.



The company is planning to develop a new approach to use plastic. According to a press release from L'Oréal USA, the U.S. Plastics Pact network is seeking to find a new way to use, reuse, and design plastic cosmetic products.



Danielle Azoulay, L’Oréal USA's head of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, said,

“L'Oréal is committed to doing our part to protect the planet from the global climate crisis we are facing, and we are transforming our business to do so.”

For now, makeup giant plans to toward recycling or composting 50 percent of plastic packaging, and ensuring the average recycled content or bio-based content in plastic packaging will be 30 percent.



Apart from this, the company has also launched L'Oréal for the Future, a sustainability initiative for 2030 this year. This initiative aims to create a business model that “respects planetary boundaries and reinforces its commitments to both sustainability and inclusion around the world.”



More companies should follow L'Oréal’s footsteps and make the fashion world guilt free.

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Article Source: Diply

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