Kit Kat 'Mint And Dark Chocolate Duos' Could Hit The Shelves This Winter!

Kit Kat 'Mint And Dark Chocolate Duos' Could Hit The Shelves This Winter!

Rejoice chocolate lovers everywhere! An all-new Kit Kat bar with mint and dark chocolate is reportedly coming to stores this winter.

On one hand, we're extremely happy that brands like M&Ms and Reese's launch new flavors or designs almost month to month to please their loyal customers. Be that as it may, our-beloved Kit Kat isn't as generous! They have their insane global flavors, however, the U.S. hasn't been gifted with a new one for a while —at least until now!

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Starting in the near future, whenever you desperately crave a break, you could be indulging in a delicious piece of this brand-new Kit Kat bar! The classic chocolate bar is reportedly releasing in a Mint and Dark Chocolate Duos flavor.

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Luckily, presently we have something to anticipate come winter 2019. As of late, food blogger @Markie_devo posted a photograph of the packaging of unreleased Kit Kat Duos (in a Mint and Dark Chocolate flavor) that could be hitting the shelves this winter.



"Although we have just passed minter [aka winter], it does not mean we can’t plan for [next winter]," @markie_devo wrote ambiguously implying that it doesn't mean we can't get ready for some future candy drops. Which we now absolutely can! 

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"This is the upcoming @kitkat Duos. A mint & dark chocolate mixture with those wafers we oh so love. I do like me some mint in moderation and dark chocolate always. This will hit stores in December, just in time for minter," he added in the caption. 

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According to the packaging, the top half of the wafer bar will be coated with minty goodness, though the base will be soaked in dark chocolate. Obviously, this whole mashup will be rolled over the firm wafer we would all absolutely kill for! 

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As per Delish, Hershey's has not yet affirmed the news, in any case, we're trusting the photo's caption is valid and they really will hit the stores in December. After all, it's high time that the U.S. got it's exclusive Kit Kat edition, as Japan has a decisive advantage over us with their Green Tea, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Wasabi Kit Kats. In any case, we've gotta begin someplace! 

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Naturally, people on Twitter are going nuts, as well. The freak out is truly genuine. What's more, it would seem that mint Kit Kats as of now exist in a few places far and wide. The Mint 2 Ways Kit Kats from India look scrumptious. Besides, the Mint Cream and Cookie Smash Kit Kats from Australia likewise look tasty. These look like tasteful Kit Kats for rich individuals! We guess it wouldn't have been long until Hershey's eventually got the mint Kit Kat to the U.S. Thank goodness, it's at long last occurring!

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