Kids and Their Parents are Making DIY Bean Pole Tents in their Garden and They are Loving it.

Kids and Their Parents are Making DIY Bean Pole Tents in their Garden and They are Loving it.

The DIY bean pole teepees are kids' and parents' favorite, alike. In the current pandemic situation, this fun activity is keeping the kids busy in a healthy way. And about beautifying the garden, these little tents do that perfectly.

Keeping the kids busy in vacation is a real deal. They get bored quite quickly and ask for a new game every other day. You fulfill their demands initially with lots of indoor and outdoor options. But you will soon run out of ideas, and keeping the kids engaged will be one hell of a task for you. In such times, the DIYs come to the rescue. There are hundreds of do-it-yourself ideas in different categories. You can spend whole vacations completing them. Literally!

We have brought a trending DIY that you're going to love-growing a bean pole teepee in your garden. It's a plus if you're into gardening already. But even if you are not, you will fall in love with its final look. Apart from kids' activity, it's a great source to beautify your garden or backyard.





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Kids love crawling in their little tents as if they are on a secret mission solving mysteries. They would spend their whole day inside playing and even munching snacks.
Parents are giving positive feedback for this creative and ecofriendly activity. It keeps the children engaged healthily. They involve the kids to help them during the whole process and not only for the final result. The kids would be more than happy to participate and take care of the plant. In no time, they would see their hard work taking shape.





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You can grow more than one bean pole tents togeher near to each other. The kids can have their own separate tents, or they can play together switching the tents.


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To make it more attractive, you can consider installing led lights, little pots, or a cute fence around it as an add-on.
At some distance, outdoor chairs can be placed. Parents and other family members can sit watching the kids busy playing in their tent.




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The beautiful teepee requires minimal material yet a bit of patience to wait for its growth. You will need some (say 6 to 8) long wooden sticks or bamboo poles, soil amendments, pole bean seeds (or other climbing type plants), string or tape, low-growing annuals such as marigold, nasturtium, etc.

Choose the ideal spot in the ground for your tent. Mark out the circle after adjusting the length and diameter of the tent. On one side, leave an opening for the door. Now place the poles on the boundary and push them in the ground. Gather them in the center and tie them with string, then tape it. Take the string to wrap around and all the way down the poles. It will assist the bean plant in climbing up. Now plant the seeds around the poles about 2 inches deep in the ground. You can also plant morning glories or low-growing plants to make it visually appealing. When the vines start to grow, attach them to the poles. Take care of them and keep watering them regularly.

How to Make a Bean Tipi?  Here is the full tutorial and video.






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