Kentucky Woman Cuts Hole In Mask To Make "Breathing Easier"

Kentucky Woman Cuts Hole In Mask To Make "Breathing Easier"

In a now viral Tik Tok video, it shows a Kentucky woman cutting a hole in the middle of the mask to simply make 'breathing easier' for her.



thejoegotti / TikTok


If you guys think you have seen it all, then you are wrong, and here is another one. A woman from Kentucky has cut a hole in her protective mask just so to make it "easier to breathe." 

The video was posted on Tik Tok. And of course, the video went viral. 



thejoegotti / TikTok


It showed a gas station clerk reacting to seeing the woman approach with her nose and mouth exposed. “Where did you get that mask from?” he asks the woman as she approaches the counter to pay for gas.

“Well, since we have to wear them and it makes it hard to breathe, this makes it a lot easier to breathe,” she replies.

“Cutting it?" asks the clerk incredulously, adding, "Yeah, I’ll do that too, thanks for the advice.”

The woman then leaves the store.



thejoegotti / TikTok


The ridiculous video has gone viral online and it shows how absurd people can behave at times. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that masks should cover the mouth and nose completely.  Otherwise, it simply doesn't work. 



thejoegotti / TikTok


Kentucky’s number of COVID-19 cases is at least 5,822 as of Wednesday morning after rising by 275 as of Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University.






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