Kendall Jenner Left Beverly Hills Home After Scary Trespassing and death threats

Kendall Jenner Left Beverly Hills Home After Scary Trespassing and death threats

The 25-year-old reality TV star has dealt with stalkers in the past and now again she had a naked trespasser who tried to swim in her pool. On the other hand, she has received death threats too due to which she has decided to leave her Beverly hills home.

Kendall Jenner is a heartthrob and she always had crazy fans and some enemies too who had no reason to hate her so much. Back in 2018, we remember how she was attacked by an intruder and now we have heard she is again receiving threats.


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This means she needs to add up to her armed security as two scares from strangers in just two days is something alarming and a lot scary for a celeb. One of these was a naked intruder trying to swim in her pool and another was some psycho man making threats to shoot her.

These threats are a nightmare for Kendall that started last Thursday when a Los Angeles detective told her that a 24-year-old man had traveled across the country to attack her.




Sources said Malik Bowker, the man who traveled across the country, planned to buy an illegal firearm to shoot her and then himself, using some illegal documents. Sources reveal that Kendall doesn’t know him and she is scared and has even doubled her security.

The reality TV star on Monday went to court due to these threats and was granted a temporary restraining order against Bowker, who is currently on a temporary psych hold in a hospital. But he will soon be released after a few checkups and treatments.



The one who trespassed and swam naked in her pool was arrested then only and charged with trespassing charges but he will also be released due to COVID-19 sops. Kendall Jenner is scared as she thinks once these men are loose they can attack again. Moreover, she has decided to leave her Hollywood Beverly Hills house and that’s really heartbreaking.

Article and Image Source: Daily mail

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