Jaw dropping moment groom drops Tiffany wedding ring between the cracks of a jetty on Lake Tahoe.

Jaw dropping moment groom drops Tiffany wedding ring between the cracks of a jetty on Lake Tahoe.

A couple while having their marriage ceremony on Lake Tahoe had their Tiffany & Co. diamond wedding ring dropped into the lake during the ceremony. The groom just took the box out, and it fell from within. Later a scuba diver was able to rescue it from the Lake.

While the nuptials were taking place and the groom was about to slip the wedding ring in the bridesmaid's finger, the ring decided to loosen and drop between the cracks of the jetty in Lake Tahoe. But luckily, a scuba diver dived into the lake and found the ring within some time.


Facebook | Andrew Kent


Wedding nuptials are known to have hitch mostly and it ends up in something bad and that seems to be happening here but this moment added to the memory of this beautiful day for the couple. 


Facebook | Andrew Kent


Marlee and Andrew Kent, from Washington state, were following their wedding nuptials and Andrew took out the ring box from his pocket but it looks like the ring was loose in the box and it just fell off in between the cracks of the hetty and into the lake. 

The couple seemed on in horror as their dream nuptials took a sudden flip when Andrew opened the field containing Marlee’s marriage ceremony ring.



The ring fell from the field via a niche within the jetty over the freshwater lake, plunging into the freezing deep waters beneath. 
After a momentary panic which was recorded and captured in the pictures, the groom’s had a transient thought to leap in and discover it. Later, an area scuba diver saved the day by retrieving the dear Tiffany jewelry from the lake.  

The Jaw-dropping footage has captured the second a groom dropped his bride’s Tiffany marriage ceremony ring as the couple started their vows on the sting of Lake Tahoe.




Phil Abernathy, the founding father of Fb group Tahoe Scuba Diving, went diving within the lake and located the ring. The bride and groom then carried on with their marriage ceremony and stated it did not cease them from having fun with their special occasion.

The Kents also stated the mishap added to their special occasion giving them ‘a reminiscence of a lifetime’.

Article and Image source: Dailymail

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