Japanese Government to Pay Families ¥44.2 Million if a Relative Dies After Taking the COVID Vaccine.

Japanese Government to Pay Families ¥44.2 Million if a Relative Dies After Taking the COVID Vaccine.

According to Japanese authorities, if anyone dies after getting the Covid-19 jab, they will pay the family 44.2 million yen. In case of sustaining a long-term disability, the family would receive an annual sum of more than ¥5 million (£33,800).

In Japan, the compensation scheme has been implemented where the bereaved family of citizens who die as a result of a Covid jab is entitled to compensation. 

The relatives could also receive up to ¥209,000 (£1,400) to help cover funeral costs if a loved one dies due to being inoculated against Covid-19. Not just this, but families would receive a 5,056,800 yen (£33,700) annual payment if the vaccine causes any disability to their closed ones. 

Japan's Ministry of Health has had a vaccine compensation scheme in place for some time for many diseases, not just coronavirus. 


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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Japan is amongst 19 countries across the globe that have vaccine compensation schemes. 

Germany was the first country to implement such measures. In 1953, its supreme court ruled the implementation of the compensation scheme for the smallpox vaccine. 

As a matter of fact, Japan lies in the list of those countries that have recently started the Covid vaccine among their people. 

The cases are still high, reflecting the reticence in their people to accept such jabs.

There have been efforts to try and make the jab seem like a more agreeable thing to do. However, the country is currently receiving a limited number of jabs due to supply issues, the country’s inoculations chief said.

The government is prioritizing shots for older citizens until the import of more doses of Pfizer-BioNTech drug - its only approved vaccine.

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Surprisingly, Japanese people have been practicing wearing face masks even before the Coronavirus outbreak - perhaps to avoid the effects of pollution and other airborne illnesses. The uptake of the flu vaccine only sits at around 50 percent of the population year-on-year. Not to mention that number of deaths due to Covid-19 last year and flu for 2018 were similar. 

The vaccine's launch is in line with how many other countries have been administering it - staggered to healthcare staff, the old population, people who are ill, with younger and less vulnerable people further down the line.

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There is a loose criterion for those who claim any amount, with the compensation not reliant on whether the negligence was the part of medical staff or the vaccine producer, or anyone else.

The court tends to favor the victims in any settlements around vaccination settlements. For this very reason, there are currently no Japanese Covid vaccines in use as Japanese companies have become wary of producing vaccines. 

This, coupled with the fact that much of the public isn't actually aware of the policy, suggests that it might be more intended to coax Japanese companies to produce vaccines by reducing their liability.

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