Internet Is Obsessed With The Cat Who Eats Like A Hungry Hippo.

Internet Is Obsessed With The Cat Who Eats Like A Hungry Hippo.

Meet the hungry cat who eats like a hippo and whose video has gone viral on social media.





We always use this term "eat like a hippo "in a funny sense and usually refer it in the sense that when one feels hungry like crazy and can eat anything and everything on a rumbling stomach. But no one really means it in a literal sense. 

But when you see this footage of a cat in action while eating, you will realize that eating like a hippo can be applied somewhere in a literal way too. 





Hilarious footage of the feeding feline was posted to Twitter by its owner Luke, who captioned a video of his hungry cat: "What in the world kind of pig cat eats like this?"

Luke posted the video on twitter, he did so for the entertainment of his friends and family. But the video went viral and was shared on almost every social media platform and the reason is pretty obvious too. 

One person shared a screenshot of the video and joked: "Me, pre-Covid, coming home from a night drinking & discovering we still have some Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the house."

Whereas a second person shared a picture of a cat eating from a spoon that was captioned: "Meanwhile, in the classier side of town..."





While the majority of Twitter was having a field day while watching the video, one person pointed out that the cat could be gorging on food in this manner as a reflection of the hungry past. 

One person wrote: "If a cat has been feeding for itself outdoors before it finds a home, this happens.

"When they finally get regular food their instincts are to gorge. It causes extreme weight gain. I feed mine in different spots for that very reason. They learn that no one is coming for their food."

A second wrote: "I rescued a dog who was abandoned and nearly starved to death. He acted like this with his food. Heartbreaking. Give him his own bowl in a separate place. No competition!"

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