Intelligent Kid Calls Out 'Tooth Fairy' Mother with Hilarious Note.

Intelligent Kid Calls Out 'Tooth Fairy' Mother with Hilarious Note.

Sienna, a smart daughter says she clocked up on the point that the tooth fairy was her mum last year, but she kept silent about this until her very last baby tooth fell out so she could gain some extra cash.

A clever young girl rumbled that her mother was the 'tooth fairy' but kept schtum to pocket the cash, before eventually calling her mother with a message from 'your child you've been lying to for almost 10 years.' Ouch. Ouch. 😱

From Liverpool, Gemma Sealey found the cheeky note hidden on Saturday night under the pillow of her daughter Sienna.

In the note, 10-year-old Sienna wrote: "Hi tooth fairy, I mean Mum. Hi plz, reply. Your kid that [you've] lied to for nearly 10 years. PS: I [know] it's you, Mum."

After discovering the amusing note, Gemma was left in stitches and stashed it away in a memory box to look back on it in the future.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


"The part of the note that made me laugh was the part where Sienna wrote, 'Your kid you've lied to for nearly 10 years.' I have put the note in her memory box and will keep it forever.

"Sienna didn't react [to my note] because she knew already that it was me. She kept quiet because she's all about the tooth fairy money.

"I had a feeling she didn't believe in the tooth fairy anymore as she kept questioning me. She was saying, 'I know it's you, mum, because tooth fairies don't write that big.'

"I sneaked into her room around 12 am and I knew she had left her tooth under her pillow for the 'tooth fairy'.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


"I saw the note and I couldn't stop laughing. Once I had read it, I had to respond pretending it wasn't me. Sienna has always believed in the tooth fairy but had her suspicions.

"In the end, I did have to confess and come to terms with the fact that she knew it was me.

"I did come clean in the letter. Sienna said previously she knew the tooth fairy is me because she was wide awake last year and caught me. She had been pretending to be asleep.

"She didn't want to say anything to me - that's when she wrote the letter saying she knows the tooth fairy is me. Luckily this is Sienna's last tooth to fall out.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


"She has a younger brother and sister who I can play the tooth fairy role with, so it's not completely over. She's promised not to tell them the tooth fairy isn't real when they get older.

"She still believes in Santa but I'm 100 percent expecting a note near to Christmas now.

"She said, 'I knew it was you anyway Mum. I still believe in Santa though and the elves. The naughty elves are definitely real.'"

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