Instagram Model Who Has Spent Over £20k On Tattoos Shares What She Looked Like Before All The Tattoo Ink On Her Body.

Instagram Model Who Has Spent Over £20k On Tattoos Shares What She Looked Like Before All The Tattoo Ink On Her Body.

Amber Luke is an Instagram model with over 100k followers. The girl is famous for getting her body tattooed over the years and spending over £20,000 (AUD $39,300/US $24,643) on her extreme look.



Credit: Instagram/@ambs_luke


An Instagram model who has spent around £20,000 on her tattoos shares what she looked like before all the inked tattoos on her body. Amber Luke has become famous on social media for her heavily tattooed appearance, having spent thousands over the years to transform herself.

Amber who is originally from New South Wales' Central Coast in Australia, when shared her pictures, the girl not so surprisingly looked very different from her present version. 



Credit: Instagram/@ambs_luke


In a Q&A session on Instagram Stories, she asked her fans: "Hella bored - as me good questions."

One follower asked Amber how she looked before she got all the tattoos on her body. This prompted the Instagrammer to share a throwback picture in which she's wearing a glamorous floor-length blue ball gown and glitzy jewelry.





Now for the love of this color, the girl has traded it for both her eyes and her hair. She got her eyes tattooed last year through a procedure that left her blind for almost a month. Along with hundreds of tattoos, Amber has also modified her body in several other ways, including piercings, a boob job, a tongue split, and lip and cheek fillers.

According to The Daily Star, she's now spent over £20,000 (AUD $39,300/US $24,643) on her extreme look.

In a previous interview with Daily Mail Australia, Amber said her extreme look is met with mixed responses from strangers.

"I gained a lot of support and positive vibes from complete strangers - there was always the few nasty opinionated ones who try to make you feel inadequate, but I never let them get to me," she said.

Addressing her trolls, she added: "If you're reading this and you have nothing nice to say? Don't say it at all. You never know what a person's going through in their personal lives, be kind.

"I'm not harming anyone in the process, I'm doing what I want to do and if it makes me get up in the morning and be a happy person, then so be it."

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