Instagram Influencers Get Sick After Swimming In Spain's Monte Neme Lake That's Actually A Toxic Dump

Instagram Influencers Get Sick After Swimming In Spain's Monte Neme Lake That's Actually A Toxic Dump

A little research can be quite helpful before venturing into any new adventure. This is the lesson that some Instagram influencers recently learned through bitter experience. Warning: Do not pick Monte Neme "lake" in Galicia, Spain as your next vacation spot.

1. Things You Do To Be Famous




Being an Instagram influencer means doing things that are daring and unique. It isn't an easy job since it involves risk-taking actions. If you want to get that 'perfect shot', you would need to travel to unknown places, pose in uncomfortable positions and take on daring tasks. These quests for the perfect pictures can sometimes be life-threatening too and recently, some Instagram influencers experienced so. 

2. The Location Is Exotic Enough To Make It Your Next Vacay Spot, But At What Cost?




The Monte Neme “lake,” is a body of turquoise-hued water in the northwestern coastal region of Carballo, Galicia, Spain. Famous for its exotic beauty and serene look, the Instagram millennials flocked to the location to get some nice shots. The location is exotic enough to make it the next vacay spot but before venturing into any adventure, one should always get the right information.

In the case of the Influencers, they did get their pictures 'perfect,' but at what cost? 

3. 'Galician Chernobyl'




Many influencers have reportedly fallen sick after posing in the water.  There is a scary reason for that. As reported by the Telegraph, the lake is filled with highly toxic chemical wastes that have been dumped in the water from a nearby World War II-era Tungsten mine. The mine was used to produce an iron manganese tungstate mineral for craft light bulb filament during the time of World War I but it declined during the World war II before closing for good during the 1980s. The area has been referred to as the “Galician Chernobyl,” because of the toxic chemicals. 

4. Health Risks Associated With The Lake Monte Neme




Talking to a Spanish news outlet Publico, one Instagram influencer said that two weeks after bathing in the lake, she came down with a terrible rash and bouts of vomiting. A few other influencers have also been hospitalized  “for damage to the skin and digestive system,” the publication reported.  Dr. Manual Ferriero, at the university hospital nearby A Coruña, spoke with the European news site 'The Local.' He told that only a brief exposure to the water would cause an eye and skin irritation while prolonged exposure could cause digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea, also pointing towards the toxin ingestion. 

According to Fox News, the local activists have urged the government to get involved in the matter and post warning signs near the locations to prevent any future incidents. 

5. Worth Taking The Risk?




Surprisingly, there are some influencers who think that their shots were worth taking such risks. One Instagrammer, even after suffering from health effects from the toxic dump told Publico that her rash was “a little bad, yes, but the picture was worth it.”

Before this, a somewhat similar situation occurred in Russia at a lake that’s referred to as the “Siberian Seychelles.” This lake also has Turquoise water that is surrounded by white sand. The real name of the location translates to “Lake Ash Dump,” and there is a reason behind this name.

6. Lake Ash Dump: There Is A Reason Behind This Naming




The lake receives runoff from a nearby coal-fired power station, that is responsible for the obvious color of the lake.  The dissolved calcium salts and other metal oxides make the water highly alkaline and dangerous. Talking to Siberian Times, Photographer Mikhail Reshetnikov explained the area and said,  “When you drive up to this lake, there is a very strong smell of laundry detergent, of alkali. Naturally, there is no desire to touch such water. You just feel that this is not a safe place.”

The Siberian Generating Company is responsible for the location and has issued a serious warning to tourists regarding any sort of photoshoot.  Even though the lake has been an attraction site for social media influencers,  the company has warned everyone who visits the lake, “We beg you not to fall into the ash dump in the pursuit of selfies. That is the biggest danger.”

7. Warning Not Enough To Dissuade The Millenials




Even though the Siberian Generating Company has put up a danger sign but unfortunately, the warning has not been enough to dissuade the social media influencers as they continue to visit these lakes for their photoshoots. One wrote on a photo from the location, “The entrance is prohibited, but since this whole thing is not fenced, it means we can 😀.”

 Similarly, after visiting the Monte Neme lake in Spain, some millennials believe that all the hassle is worth the likes on their Instagram profiles. One influencer despite developing a rash from bathing in the water claims, “Looking at my photo, I can say with confidence that it was worth it,”


8. Nothing Is Important When It Comes To Safety And Health




One can only hope that these Instagram influencers will realize soon that not everything is worth getting that perfect shot. Especially when it comes to one's safety and health. While posing at these dangerous locations, influencers should think about the message they are conveying to their followers on social media.

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Source: People, Little Things

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