Indian Couple Holds A Mid-air Wedding With 160 Guests To Avoid Lockdown Rules In India.

Indian Couple Holds A Mid-air Wedding With 160 Guests To Avoid Lockdown Rules In India.

A couple in India booked an entire flight for their mid-air wedding to avoid Covid-19 restrictions, but as the videos surfaced the Internet they went viral and the couple is in some serious trouble.

India has been struggling a severe fight with COVID-19  but the public seems to not realize the complexity of the matter here. A video went viral of a couple who wanted to celebrate their wedding like the traditional usual norms so they found out another way to escape the restrictions the government forced upon them.  


Tahir Bin Manzoor | SWNS


But it looks like they didn't rationalize their decision and now things have messed up when the public on social media had an outrageous response to their non-serious attitude towards a pandemic.  




An investigation was later called into the wedding which took place aboard a SpiceJet aircraft and suspended the crew involved. The couple from southern India‚Äôs Madurai city in Tamil Nadu booked the entire SpiceJet flight for a few hours to hold their extravagant wedding in the presence of family and friends even as lockdown continued in their state and across most of India. The wedding rituals were recorded on camera with no people wearing masks. 




The visuals of the ceremony showed the plane packed with guests as the couple, clad in wedding attire, exchanged garlands, and a camera operator filmed the moment with excitement. 




Indian air carrier Spicejet also said that they were unaware of the actual intentions of their client and the flight was booked for the purpose of a post-wedding joyride.

Article source: Dailymail

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