In An Effort To Be More Fashionable, Woman Spends Thousands Of Dollars To Triple The Size Of Her Lips, Has Plans To Go Even Bigger.

In An Effort To Be More Fashionable, Woman Spends Thousands Of Dollars To Triple The Size Of Her Lips, Has Plans To Go Even Bigger.

Meet 22-year old Bulgarian student who wants to have the biggest lips in the world.

1. Plans to go bigger in the future


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In a bid to be more fashionable, Andrea Emilova Ivanova, 22, from Sofia, Bulgaria has tripled the size of her lips and has plans to go even bigger in the future. The girl has reportedly spent thousands of dollars on lip fillers, going under the needle 15 times already. Hoping to look prettier and having spent £135 for each treatment, Andrea says she always wanted to have bigger lips to look prettier and since young age, she has been going around aesthetic clinics in the Bulgarian capital.

2. With her new lip fillers, Andrea feels more confident and happy with herself


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The German Philology student, at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, claims that with her new lip fillers she feels more confident and content with herself.

Andrea said,'I like my lips now, more than before and I feel very happy with them, because I look prettier with bigger lips, and in Bulgaria this is fashion now. 'I have visited almost all clinics for aesthetic procedures in Sofia and I put in my lips almost all kinds of lips fillers: Princess Volume, Princess Filler, Hyaluronica Vital Esthetique, Apriline Forte, Revolax Deep and Teosyal.'

3. Her followers love her new look


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Confident over her new look, Andrea says, she has thousands of followers on her social media account and her fans love her new look. The girl claims that she has even been proposed online by some of her admirers.

4. Facing backlash over her lips


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Not everyone is happy with Andrea's aesthetic new looks and the 22-year old has faced backlash too on her social media page. Andrea says, 'I get thousands of compliments on my lips and on my outfit, and on my vision and style every day from people all over the world. I have both positive and negative comments, but women write most of the negative comments.'

The girl though does not care what people think of her as long as she is happy with her big lips, she said: 'There are people who like me with bigger lips and there are people who like me with smaller lips but it doesn't matter to me, because it's important for me, how I like it. Other people's opinion is irrelevant.

5. "There are no boundaries for me"


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'I can't give any indication of how big is too big, or can lips be too big, because for each person: "big" "bigger" and "too big" are different concepts. 'I'm broad-minded and I think people should be free to choose, which one is for them big, bigger or too big. There are no boundaries for me.'

Andrea claims she wants to have her own style and does not want to imitate any celebrity. When asked if she wants to have the biggest lips in the world?  She said: 'Yes, why not? But in my country (Bulgaria) the big lips are fashionable and there are many girls with fillers in the lips too.' 



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