In A DIY, Dad Uses A Toolcart To Make The 'Ultimate Diaper Changing Station' For His Twins

In A DIY, Dad Uses A Toolcart To Make The 'Ultimate Diaper Changing Station' For His Twins

Are you a young parent and tired of running after your baby for his diaper changing sessions. Well, this DIY project can be your next venture.





Being a parent, changing diapers of your baby can be a real task especially if your baby is hyperactive one. Running after them and collecting their things in the way to change their diapers can be a challenge at times. At times like these, it is the clever parenting hacks that come to the rescue. 



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Sometimes a DIY can be a savior when you have to deal with poop and your diapers and wipes are not at organized places. 



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One dad took it to the next level with his own DIY change table made with some supplies from Home Depot. David Pike of the popular Facebook page MotorCity Mechanic knew when it came to his twins he had to come up with something very creative to deal with their diaper changing sessions. 

"Feast your eyes on the Ultimate Diaper Changing Station for under $200," he said in a Facebook post.



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To make the table more convenient and practical, dad made some changes to it. 

"I added foam pipe insulation to the edges for protection/safety and some metal baskets underneath for the essentials," he said.




Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic


To make things more fun, dad even added LED lights for late-night diapers session.  David knows that sometimes diaper duty calls at 2 in the morning.

A side shelf was added to make more place for holding diapers.

And, wire baskets to hold even more diapers and wipes were placed on the bottom shelf. Now, that's one stocked change table!



Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic


Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic


Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic




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Also here is a catch, when the twins are potty trained the DIY project can turn simply into wheel the tool cart into the garage and use it for, well, his tools.

10. People loved the genius idea and applauded dad for his amazing DIY project





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